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Welcome to my world of baking! My name is Dolores, also known as Grandma or "Glamma" to my four grandsons. You ask.....where did I come up with the name THE BAKING DIVA? Well, in addition to baking and party planning, I love fashion and makeup so the name seemed to fit me perfectly.

Both of my Grandmothers were fabulous bakers, and my mom also liked to bake as well as plan all of our birthday parties so I guess I get my love of it from them. They were great roll models.

I have a simple philosophy about needs to taste good and be easy to prepare. I like my recipes to be the kind that anyone can make at home without needing special training.

So, I hope you will follow me on my baking journey and SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel. We will be making all kinds of goodies from cakes, cupcakes, pies, cookies, candy, and so much more! I will also give you tips and tricks so that even the most inexperienced bakers will be able to create "little masterpieces."

So, let's get started and BAKE IT A GOOD DAY!




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